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About us

FFM Gestion was founded in 2019 and is based in Geneva. It is the wealth management entity of  CaridaB Group and offers independent asset management and investment advisory services.

FFM Gestion SA acts as an independent Asset Manager, in accordance with article 17 of the Swiss law on financial institutions (LEFin). It is regulated by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA).


Independence :

We provide external asset management services whilst being totally independent of any banking institution. This gives us the freedom to offer the best possible investment service with the highest transparency.

Diversification :

We invest mainly in the equity markets, directly or through our in-house funds. We have the particularity of also offering real estate investments thanks to our ACB Capital structure. This structure is a fully internally managed fund that allows us to be directly invested in real estate and therefore offer an uncorrelated solution to the stock markets.

Involvement :

We are deeply convinced by our investment philosophy which is based on very strict and select investment principles. For many years now, we have adopted the same management approach to our customers portfolios as to our own private assets. We pursue relentlessly the same objectives of preservation and growth of our customers’ capital as we do for our own.

Investment strategy

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Our investment philosophy is based mainly on two pillars: the quality of the stocks we pick and a long-term horizon.

Stock picking :

We equally weight our investments in a selective list of chosen companies, having a dominant position in their sector, a high reinvestment capacity, low gearing, and an acceptable valuation. We believe these elements are the basics for high performance, sustainability and the ability to grow of our selected companies.

Long term :

We favor long-term investments, as opposed to short-term speculation, while aiming on stocks capable of generating value and growth in the long-term. Our methodology is therefore based on investments focusing on sectors we consider prosperous and in companies that we evaluate as sustainable.

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